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Buy AWAKE Watches at authentic.dk
AWAKE Watches is a very unique brand from France. They launched an amazing Kickstarter campaign that became a great success.

AWAKE make watches of recycled materials. Recycled steel, solar powered movement and straps from plastic bottles collected from the sea.

The AWAKE concept is to take care of our planet and combine useful and great design with sustainability.

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Buy Borgvardt watches at authentic.dk

Borgvardt is a futuristic watch brand based in Denmark. They have great ambitions for each collection through unique, Danish design. Borgvardt only produce a small number of each watch, since the brand is still quite small.

Each watch has been numbered on the back. This ensures that each costumer get a completely unique watch.

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Buy watches from Copenhagen Watches at authentic.dk

Copenhagen Watches was founded by Mai Johansson, who have worked in sales, marketing and design for many years. She has composed a very nice collection of watches with the Danish flag as a center part in each design.

The watches include a simple and bright design at the same time as having a wonderful edge and finesse, which Mai has added with great success.

Prices start at around 160 USD. You’ll find watches with either leather or mesh straps, and the watches come in a unisex based size, making them suitable for both men and women.

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Buy GarMa Watches at authentic.dk
GarMa Watches is a Danish brand who has created some really nice looking models at a very attractive price point.

Fazel founded the brand and spent a lot of time looking for the right manufacturer and the right design - and the size of the watches fit both men and women.

The GarMa Watches are stylish and minimalistic - classic Scandinavian design - and yet they have their very own look.

Low price for a really nice quality watch.

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Buy LLARSEN watches at authentic.dk

LLARSEN (formerly known as Larsen Watches) is a Danish brand with proud traditions.

The story actually goes all the way back to just before World War II.

The design is classic with a modern twist.

LLARSEN administrates every step of the way – both during product design, development, production and sales. The watches are handmade and produced in Denmark.

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Nelson watches

Nelson is a small, Danish watch brand with a very simple mission: The watches need to be quality watches with a minimalistic design - and with a 'high value for money' tag attatched.

The guy behind the brand is Kenneth who also runs authentic.dk. He wanted to create a watch directly manufactured and imported from the factory - with no extra costly hubs involved. He also wanted to make sure both quality and design was solid work.

Hence, you will only find Nelson watches at authentic.dk

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New York Incredibles watches
Despite their name New York Incredibles is a Dutch watch brand. NYI is clearly inspired by the modern trends, lines and vibes from New York, and you'll see bold designs with an edge. 

They have chosen to focus on creating a high specification watch - at an absolutely attractive price - and they already managed to be known world wide for solid dress watches for the modern man.

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Nordgreen ure
Nordgreen is a Danish brand who has quickly become quite popular all over the world.

Their design is simple and elegant - made by the renowned and former B&O designer Jakob Wagner.

When you buy a watch from Nordgreen, you're also supporting a good cause, as Nordgreen has selected three causes from which you can choose one to support as part of their 'giving back' program

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Buy Norlite watches at authentic.dk

Norlite Denmark was established in 2015 by two Danish watch-enthusiasts - with a very clear purpose: to create a minimalistic yet simple watch in a modern and stylish design - the NOR1501 model.

The design of the watch is entirely its own - right from the first steps of the design process in Denmark to the production of the stunning watches.

The result? A unique case, simplistic dial and a stunning logo.

The watch is available in 20 different color combinations - including nice leather straps in calf skin, narrow straps in matte colors and all with scratch-resistant sapphire glass.

Warranty of 2 years.

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Buy Thyco Brahe Watches at authentic.dk

Tycho Brahe Watches is a new Danish brand that incorporates classic design from the 1950s though futuristic details.

Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe was known for his amazing discoveries and world changing astronomical observations.

The brand's first watch collection - Nova Stella - is made in eight different variants with a unisex size that fits both men and women.

The logo of Tycho Brahe Watches is based on one of the original works of Tycho Brahe. He used a small sign to finish his chapters, which has now been incorporated into the logo of the Danish watch brand.

The collection “Nova Stella”, created by Tycho Brahe Watches, means " The new star in the sky". We will definitely see Kasper and Jens – the creators of Tycho Brahe watches - in collaboration with designer Asbjørn Mejlvang, a whole lot more in the future.

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