Terms & Conditions


All prices within the EU includes 25% Danish VAT and free delivery. For customers outside the EU, the price does not include VAT. Please note that for customers outside the EU, import VAT, taxes and custom duties may be charged locally upon arrival of the package. 

We do not charge any payment fee for credit cart payments.


When you buy a product on authentic.dk, you have two years of limited warranty.

The warranty does not cover errors, damages or regular wear no matter if this is caused directly or indirectly by wrong handling of the product or attempt to open or in any other way disemble the product.

Normally, the warranty does also not cover damages on buttons, crown or glas, wear or damages on leather straps, metal straps or gold/black/rosegold coating on watches, as the coating is naturally worn when weared.

The warranty does also not cover moisture damages on watches that are not classed as water protected to at least 10 ATM.

If you wish to make a complaint, you can mail us at info@authentic.dk.

The EU commission has an online claims portal that you can also use. This is particularly relevant for customers living in a country within the EU. You can file the complain here: http://ec.europa.eu/odr

When you complain, you should include our e-mail - info@authentic.dk in the form.

Important information reg. condensation

If a watch is exposed to quick changes in temperature - e.g. if you go from cold winter to high indoor temperature, the watch can due to underpressure suffer from condensation shown as small drops of dew under the glass.

In such cases you should immediately take the watch to a watchmaker and have them open the watch and dry it thoroughly. The humidity will not go away by itself even if the dew disappears, and the moisture will harm the clockwork and eventually make it unusable.

No watches are condensation proof - even not if they are water proof.

When condensation is seen in a watch, this is typically not covered by the warranty, as it is very rarely a manufacturing failure.

Rights of cancellation

You have the rights of cancellation within 100 days on all orders in the shop. This is calculated from the day, you receive the product.

You then have 14 calendar days to return your product, if you wish to use your rights of cancellation.

Please notice that any damages to the products that occur while the products are in your possession or underway to authentic.dk is your responsibility.

Refunding money for cancelled orders

Products that are returned in the same condition as they were received by you - that means no scratches, dents or other signs of use will be refunded.

Please note that you have to include everything from the original package - including straps, tools, manuals, watch box, warranty card etc. for the order to be fully refundere.

You are - of course - entitled to unbox the product and have a closer look to see, if you want to keep the product.

Products that clearly have been used or damaged, while they were in your possession - or where important parts of the original order are missing will be individually rated and valued, and the potential impairment will be withdrawn from the amound, you are refunded.

You might contact us for a preliminary valuation.

Please notice that refunds for the major credit card types typically can take up to 30 days, before you can see the refunded amount.

Delivery time

All products are shipped as a package with track & trace number with one of the major shipping partners in Denmark.

Delivery varies a lot from country to country, but generally, products on stock takes 4-11 working days to arrive, while products in remote storage takes around 4-13 days to arrive. You can always see the estimated delivery time on the product.

When the product is shipped, you will  receive a notification on e-mail with a tracking link. Finally you will receive a separate e-mail with your invoice.

The stated delivery times are only guided delivery times and provided the product can be ordered right away from the vendor/storage (if not in our own stock). In rate occasions the product can be sold out or be delayed. You will always receive notification about potential delays.

Worldwide free delivery

authentic.dk delivers wordwide without extra charge.